Monday, March 14th, 2011

"Australian Jewelry Topos" Exhibition at Gallery Loupe


Mel Miller
Nicole Polentas
Dougal Haslem
Lucy Hearn
Kirsten Haydon

This exciting exhibition brings together eighteen young Australian artists, all graduates of the Gold and Silvermithing Department at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. The theme of topos, place, is explored through a diverse and fascinating group of jewelry objects. The group will be joined by Professor Elizabeth Grierson, Head of the School of Art, RMIT University, and Professor Robert Baines, PhD, Postgraduate Coordinator of the Gold and Silversmithing Department.

Nicholas Bastin
Renee Ugazio
Julie Mitchell
Linda Hughes
Elfrun Lach
Natalia Milosz-Piekarska
Christopher Earl Milbourne
Penelope Pollard
Katherine Brunacci
Robert Baines
Anita Van Doorn
Karla Way
Nina Oikawa

You can visit Australian Jewelry Topos exhibition until April 2nd at Gallery Loupe.

Podeu visitar l’exposició Australian Jewelry Topos fins el 2 d’abril a la galeria Loupe.

Participating Artists / Artistes que hi participen:

Katherine Brunacci, Robert Baines, Elfrun Lach, Anita Van Doorn, Dougal Haslem, Julie Mitchell, Karla Way, Dr. Kirsten Haydon, Lucy Hearn, Mel Miller, Natalia Milosz-Piekarska, Nicholas Bastin, Nina Oikawa, Penelope Pollard, Renee Ugazio, Linda Hughes, Christopher Earl Milbourne, Nicole Polentas.

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  1. Studio Sylvia says:

    Definitely interesting designs and concepts. Mel is one of my lecturers at NMIT.

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