Monday, December 27th, 2010

Emiliana Design at the new space of Klimt02

Photograph © Xavier Padró
 Photograph © Xavier Padró

A few days ago I visited the new space of Klimt02 in Barcelona. The gallery, small and intimate, invites us into a cozy place to enjoy and absorb the jewels on display.
Designers Ana Mir and Emili Padrós together form Emiliana Design and are presented at the gallery in the exhibition “You never know…”

Fa uns dies vaig visitar el nou local de Klimt02 a Barcelona. La galeria, petita i intimista, convida un càlid recolliment per gaudir de les joies que s’hi mostren.
Els dissenyadors Ana Mir i Emili Padrós formen el tàndem Emiliana Design i van presentar a la galeria l’exposició “You never know…”

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