Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

"Measuring the Space Between" Exhibition by Melissa Cameron and Chloe Vallance at Hand Held Gallery

Tomorrow is the opening of the exhibition “Measuring the Space Between” by Chloe Vallance (Illustrator) and Melissa Cameron (Jeweler) at Hand Held Gallery.
Demà és la inauguració de l’exposició “Measuring the Space Between” de la Chloe Vallance (il·lustradora) i la Melissa Cameron (joiera) a la Hand Held Gallery.

Exhibition information:
Melissa Cameron and Chloe Vallance found they shared a fascination for space in recent study tour of Florence. The tension between the figure and its location within an environment captivates Vallance, while for Cameron, the creation of space and forming spatial hierarchies is an enduring concept within her objects. When coming together for their collaborative exhibition Measuring the Space Between it was obvious that an investigation of space was to be both theme and practice.

Their collaboration focused on the placement of small-scale figures, together and alone, within patterned and structured object and jewellery environments. The use of the figure in space conveys the mutability of everyday experience – the transient moments coupled with the multifarious perceptions of reality that lie between people and the spaces they encounter.

This collaboration has interlaced their art practices. Objects developed as they were traded between hands, with every artwork and jewel receiving input in turn from each of their four hands.  The result is a series of small scale colour pencil drawings on jewels, as well as small scale sculpture and wall-mounted objects.

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