Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Cheryl Eve

Yesterday, while visiting the website of the artistic community Crafthaus, I found recent work by Cheryl Eve.
Older post from this artist.

Ahir, tot visitant el web de la comunitat artística Crafthaus vaig trobar els darrers treballs de la Cheryl Eve.
Post anterior d’aquesta artista.

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  1. Cheryl Eve says:

    Thank you for posting my work on your blog!!

    What is the relationship between apparel, jewelry and the skin? With my collection “Impressions” I question the possibilities of adornment on the body, boldness and what the future of fashion holds in our cosmopolitan time. The body works as a site of display. The metal is laminated directly to the skin, a three-dimensional canvas, holding the clothing in place. This symbiotic relation between the metal and the fabric become reminiscent to the clothing for them to be fully understood.

    |http://vimeo.com/12558801|*VIDEO LINK*|

    Cheryl Eve

  2. montserrat lacomba says:


    Thanks Cheryl!

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