Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Judy McCaig at The Scottish Gallery

Until October 30th you can visit the exhibition “Through Night and Day” by Judy McCaig at The Scottish Gallery. This jeweler is a teacher at Massana School and Taller Perill in Barcelona.
Older post from this artist.

Fins el dia 30 d’octubre es pot visitar l’exposició “Through Night and Day” de la Judy McCaig a The Scottish Gallery. Aquesta joiera és professora a l’Escola Massana i al Taller Perill d Barcelona.
Post anterior d’questa artista.

Her words / Les seves paraules:
Through Night and Day
It is not clear whether the birds are waiting to take off or have already arrived at their destination and are waiting to take off again. It is as if they are not sure where they want to land. The work expresses a desire to be on the move, to change, to arrive at a new place. It tries to convey certain restlessness and need to journey on. Details emerge, half hidden, almost disappearing under the translucency of the material. The images are small signs surrounded by space carrying with them a sensation of imminent movement and freedom.
Flying birds soar across the skies, upwards, slowly gathering height and speed, faster, guided by the motions of winds and of thoughts, they travel over landscapes and through white clouds, strange and different, on towards faraway forgotten places. Nearing their final destination, they prepare to land, closer, they are arriving, they have arrived.

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