Friday, September 10th, 2010

Benjamin Lignel

The project reflects both what each series shows – the frame by frame dissolution of a cloud – and the series’ gradual collapse, as badges get sold, given or lost. It aims to challenge the nature of badges as carrier of bite-size ideologies: individual badges will not make any sense unless given a context (the series) and a narrative (the disappearance of a cloud): a booklet will show the series as an animation.

Benjamin Lignel with his project “Disparition” is the guest artist at “Joya. Setmana de la Joieria Contemporània de Barcelona.”

Benjamin Lignel amb el seu projecte “Disparition” és l’artista convidat a “Joya. Setmana de la Joieria Contemporània de Barcelona“.

 Benjamin Lignel
Ring: Super cheap thrills 2007
Fine gold, offset-printed card
box 3,9 x 4,6 x 0,6 cm
one instant ring
photo: Benjamin Lignel, Paris

The title refers to Janis Joplin’s (almost) eponymous 1968 album, and purports that some memorable pleasures last no more than 9’38″ (the ring does; avoid masonry work).

Benjamin Lignel
Brooch: Support your local jeweller 2006
Aluminium, steel, acetate
? 3,2 x 0,8 cm
Set of two badges (edition of 150)
photo: Joel Degen, London
Via Klimt02.

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