Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Helen Britton at Galerie Louise Smit

When I saw the first pieces of Helen Britton only about two years ago, I fell in love with her work and since then I have tried to stay informed about what she’s making. Today is the opening of the exhibition “Wet, Glittering, Dark: Shiny, Pointy, Sharp” at Galerie Louise Smit. These are her words:

“I started traveling to the Thuringer forest in 2001, because of my obsession with glass christmas decorations. This obsession has nothing to do with christmas, but with childhood, memory, romance and loss. By 2006 I had understood enough about my obsession to start to turn it into work, which was fully realized during my residency as City goldsmith in Erfurt in 2007. This residency gave me the time to concentrate not only on the glass objects and history of this region but on the landscape, geography, architecture and atmosphere in general of the small villages were I was spending my time. The residency culminated in an exhibtion of Jewellery, drawings and photographs. The second significant body of work that then came out of this experience was show at the bavarian crafts council in 2009 under the title of ” Somewhere Else Completely”. Now over a year later, and many more visits to the region the work has become more about the forest itself and about my own romantic fantasy. This body of work , now a preoccupation for almost 10 years has always included photographs and drawings. It is also the first project that has a geographical specificity outside my own country. In a way this work has also been about coming to terms with living in Europe – a way for me to really arrive.”

Helen Britton

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En veure les primeres peces de la Helen Britton, només fa uns dos anys, me’n vaig enamorar i des d’aleshores intento estar al corrent del que fa. Avui inaugura l’exposició “Wet, Glittering, Dark: Shiny, Pointy, Sharp” a la Galerie Louise Smit.
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2 Responses to “Helen Britton at Galerie Louise Smit”

  1. paula lindblom says:

    Hi dear Montserrat!

    I agree, Helen Britton is interesting and good, her jewellery touch…

    Today your blog is okay from my side of the world, now I can open it without getting closed down.
    I imagination that you have done something from your side of the world?!
    Thank you! May be more visitors had the same problem that I…

    Today it’s the opening of the exhibition, I got fever and I am really cold, but I will take some pills and go for awhile, say hallo to friends and colleges who take their time to visit the Sintra gallery…

    Take care and enjoy life!

    Kramkram Paula.

  2. montserrat lacomba says:

    Dear Paula,
    Thank you! I did some changes on the blog and I'm glad to know that you can open it better.

    I wish you have a very nice time on the opening exhibition at Sintra Gallery despite your cold.

    Take care and good luck!

    Kramkram Montserrat

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