Thursday, August 26th, 2010

"Celebrating 70" Exhibition at Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery

 Todd Reed
 Gail Rappa
 Laurie Hall
Peg Fetter 

Until September 5th you can visit the exhibition “Celebrating 70” at Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery with works by 70 artists.
Fins el dia 5 de setembre es pot visitar l’exposició “Celebrating 70” a la Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery amb l’obra de 70 artistes.
Celebrating 70
This exhibition will celebrate Karen Lorene’s 70th birthday as well as the 38th anniversary of Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery. The show will feature 70 pieces, one each from 70 artists, each representing and relating to a year from 1940 – 2010.
In conjunction with the exhibition, they published a book which features all 70 pieces in the show.

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