Thursday, August 5th, 2010


Alexandra Watkins
Nancy Michel
The atelier Janiyé is formed by the artists Alexandra S. Watkins and Nancy Michel.
El taller Janiyé està format per les artistes Alexandra S. Watkins i Nancy Michel.
Alexandra Watkins: “I make structures for the landscape of the human body. My fascination with structure, negative space and with indigenous architecture translates into dimensional, intimate and wearable pieces. Frequently I incorporate crystal formations or uncut stones, and thus bring the natural world closer to the wearer.”
Nancy Michel: “My fascination with nature and with ancient man-made structures is reflected in the narrative quality of my sculptural jewelry. Stonehenge, the remains of cliff dwellings in the southwest, the gnarled roots of a tree, a lichen encrusted stone wall—these elements conjure images which appear in my work in abstracted and recognizable forms. Each piece is designed to impart a sense of spontaneity, movement, and complexity. I seek out new influences which challenge and inspire me as an artist—this growth and evolution resonates in my work.”

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