Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

"IntoFlora" Exhibition at Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery

 Ana Hagopian
For Cate Blanchett ‘Campanula’ necklace in paper and twine

Ana Hagopian
Into… Cate Blanchett
Cate Blanchett inspired me for the piece called “Campanula”.
She is like an elphin creature whose beauty is shown in her simplicity and poetry, as Cate herself. A beauty that evokes the magic sound of nature and the brightness and lightness of the nymph’s world.

 Mikaela Lyons
For Florence Welch necklace and ring in oxidised copper, acrylic, illustration, beads, ribbon, sequins

Mikaela Lyons
Into…Florence Welch
Reason for choosing to make my piece for Florence Welch:
My friend lent me the Florence and the Machine album the same week that I split up with my boyfriend and found myself temporarily homeless. I didn’t listen to the lyrics but the music was empowering, I was in the final throes of making my current jewellery collection and without wanting to sound cliché it got me through it. So I want to make my ‘Into Flora’ piece for Florence Welch. It encompasses feelings of powerful women, mother nature, fighting and dancing!

 Lisa Juen
For Peaches ‘Pussy Brooch’ brooch in steel, cubic zirconia, LED, light switch
Lisa Juen
Into. . . Peaches
A while ago, I visited a Peaches concert in Shanghai. Until that point, I hadn’t heard of the artist or her music, so I did not know what to expect that evening.
What I experienced was mind-taking though. Not just that I was fascinated by the music, the artist herself put the audience under a strange spell. The show, the music, the entire person were about sex, femininity, power & strength that were literally revealed layer by layer with each song, when the artist kept peeling off items of her outfit. The highlight in the end was a little LED light that was mounted between her legs, called the ‘Pussy Light’.
Although this gesture was very provocative, and I remember a friend saying that he was even intimidated by it, I loved it and found myself thinking that ‘This is it!’
My fascination of light being paired with the imagery of the flower, the symbol of femininity, seduction, sex & strength, did here find strong support and inspiration.

Therefore, my ‘Into-Artist piece’, in homage to Peaches, is not a ‘Pussy Light’ but a ‘Pussy Brooch’.

PS We are delighted that Peaches has been in touch to say. . . “The pieces are beautiful!” and now Peaches and Lisa are in contact so watch this space. . .
Ines Schwotzer
For Vincent van Gogh ‘Sunflower’ brooch in steel wire bobbin lace  

Ines Schwotzer
Into. . .Vincent van Gogh
I will try to explain (as well as I can in English language) why Vincent van Gogh is so inspiring to me.

I like the great harmony of form, texture and colour in his paintings.
But I especially like his graphic work, too. His very sensitive and masterly handling of lines is exciting to me, maybe because I work with (metal ) lines in all of my creations, too.
Vincent tried hard to understand the nature very well, and to figure it in a true way, but also in a new and individual way. The sunflowers he painted again and again are just one example.
I admire the strong will, the diligence and the patience he had.
When I was making the “I´m into…“ object I had the sunflowers, the sun over southern France and Vincent’s drawings and life on my mind.

I tried to express radiance, but also missing adaptability with the circle form.

From tomorrow until September 26th you can visit “IntoFlora” at Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery, an exhibition of exuberant floral jewelry.

A partir de demà i fins el dia 26 de Setembre es pot visitar “IntoFlora” a la  Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery, una exposició dedicada a la joieria floral exuberant.

Participating artists / Artistes participants: Natalya Pinchuk, Russia/USA; Lisa Juen, Germany/China; Mikaela Lyons, UK; Ana Hagopian, Barcelona; Masayuki Nagata, Japan; Selina Campbell, UK; Ines Schwotzer, Germany; Anna Atterling, Sweden.

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