Saturday, June 19th, 2010

My recent jewelry work

Far away
Silver, copper and garnets
Mysterious hole
Found object, copper and silver
The tracks we leave behind on the path of life are steps we are losing, nevertheless, everything I discover along the way pushes me to continue onward.
Pel camí de la vida anem deixant rastres, és el que anem perdent, no obstant tot allò que hi vaig trobant m’empeny a seguir endavant.
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4 Responses to “My recent jewelry work”

  1. paula lindblom says:

    Hi dear Montserrat!

    Nice to see you last work and the lovely patterns you got with you”new” technique.
    I wonder if you have stared to try the enamel?! I have and I really surprise over the result, and the easy way of using it.

    Today the Sweden have a princess wedding in Stockholm, the crown princess is married a guy from the people, so it’s a fairytale who comes true.
    I’m not so up to this, I don’t like that we have a monarchy, but now we have and people are benched in front of the Television to see this coming true and happens, a big step…
    It’s a rainy and cold day here in Sweden today and I will be indoors and do my jewellery stuff, a perfect day for new ideas…

    Take care and enjoy your weekend.

    With love and thoughts, Paula.

  2. DANUGS says:

    Love the colors and textures in your new work. The designs are also very beautiful!

    I feel a bit like you, everyday I discover something new. Amazing how many things we learn on the way…

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Marchi Wierson says:

    beautiful work M. I especially like the "far away" piece. I like the edges and curves of the silver with the partly hidden copper inside, and the touch of garnet was a great choice.

  4. montserrat lacomba says:

    Thak you very much dear friends for your comments, I appreciate them a lot!

    Have a nice weekend!

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