Monday, January 25th, 2010

Hanna Hedman

La Hanna Hedman exposa fins el dia 7 de Febrer a la galeria Hnoss. Aquestes fotografies estan extretes del blog de la Paula Lindblom on se n’hi poden veure moltes més
Posts anteriors d’aquesta artista.

Hanna Hedman exhibits her work until February 7th at Hnoss Gallery. These photographs are from Paula Lindblom’s blog where you can find many more images.
Older posts from this artist.

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  1. Marchi Wierson says:


  2. paula lindblom says:

    Hi dear Montserrat!

    I really love this jewellery and Hanna is a very very good jewellery artist and also a very very kind person. I really like the whole concept, she has been thinking of everything in this exhibition.
    Glad that you add some of my photos at your blog.

    Take care!

    With love and thoughts, kramkram Paula.

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