Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Paula Lindblom at KORU3

La meva amiga Paula Lindblom forma part del grup d’artistes sueques que mostren els seus treballs a l’exposició KORU3 a Imatra (Finlàndia), on també participarà durant aquests dies en el taller que donarà Constanze Schreiber (en substitució de Terhi Tolvanen). A més, aquesta semana la Paula és una de les artistes destacades a Crafthaus.
Estic molt contenta per ella. Felicitats i bona sort!

My friend Paula Lindblom is one of the Swedish artists showing her work at the exhibition KORU3 in Imatra (Finland) where, during the next few days, she will also participate in the workshop led by Constanze Schreiber (in Terhi Tolvanen‘s substitution). On the other hand, this week Paula is a featured artist on Crafthaus. I’m very glad for her. Congratulations and good luck!

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  1. paula lindblom says:

    Hi dear Montserrat!

    Thank you for the good luck wishes and that you add me once again to your absolutely lovely blog!

    NOW I’m back in Gothenburg after a week of good time and interesting work and meetings.
    It has been an really intensive week and I’m have to say that I’m so grateful for my life and all kind people that I have meet and meet all the times.

    I will add a lot of photos o my blog after I have landed and work a little with all my photos from this week (1100 pics!!!)

    I’m totally filled up and in the same time very tired, it has been a week with no space of our own, but that’s not so bad, the hard thing is to take care of and melt all the interesting and good experience that I have been expose by.

    Now it food time and then it’s absolutely bed time.

    Take care and once again; THANK YOU!!! For that you supporting me and thinking of me.

    With love and thoughts, kramkram Paula.

    I meet Marta Miguel and her husband Jarko, Alejandra Solar and many many really NICE people during this week.
    I’m soooooooooooooo grateful for my rich life! To learn to know you this summer and of course before that too, but also all the others round the world.

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