Monday, October 26th, 2009

Mary Hallam Pearse

Per l’elaboració d’aquestes peces l’artista parteix de la imatge d’altres joies que un cop analitzades fa servir per crear composicions on s’estableix un diàleg entre la imatge i la joia final.
Metal Inclinations, Crafthaus i Klimt02.

In the elaboration of these pieces, the artist starts with an image of other jewels that she analyzes and uses to create compositions with dialogue established between the image and the finished jewel.
Metal Inclinations, Crafthaus and Klimt02.

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  1. paula lindblom says:

    Hi dear Montserrat!

    I really like the one at the top! Sensible and beautiful.

    Have a happy Halloween and keep up the good work!

    Take care and enjoy life!

    With love and thoughts, kramkram Paula.

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