Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Susie Ganch

L’Amy Tavern menciona a aquesta joiera en un dels seus darrers posts. Val la pena visitar el seu web i gaudir del seu treball.
Klimt02 i Velvet da Vinci.

Amy Tavern mentions this jeweler in one of her recent posts. It’s interesting to visit her website and enjoy her work.
Klimt02 and Velvet da Vinci.

3 Responses to “Susie Ganch”

  1. paula lindblom says:

    Hi dear Montserrat!

    Just what to say that I’m always, everyday when my computer is in order, I’m here and look at your always lovely posts.
    Keep up the good work and enjoy life and creativity.

    With love and thoughts, kramkram Paula.

    For the moment I’m busy with a lot of thoughts…

  2. Joanne Haywood says:

    Thanks for sharing Montserrat.

    Always enjoy your posts!
    Jo x

  3. montserrat lacomba says:

    Thanks a lot Paula and Joanne!
    It's fabulous to feel that my work is useful to the others.

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