Monday, June 29th, 2009

Adam Grinovich

En la justificació del seu treball, aquest artista manifesta: “El meu treball és una investigació sobre la capacitat dels objectes”.
Klimt02 i Apparat.

In his statement, this artist begins with these words: “My work is an investigation into the ability of objects”.
Klimt02 and Apparat.

2 Responses to “Adam Grinovich”

  1. paula lindblom says:

    I’m amazed, where do you find the entire interesting jewellery artist?!
    I like this a lot!

    Tomorrow I will go to the opening of Charlotte Sinding, I don’t know if she will be there by her self, I hope so… This is may be the last time to see her and says hallo.

    Take care!

    Today I took my backpack down from the attic… So now I am preparing my trip a little.

    Kramkram Paula

  2. montserrat lacomba says:

    Thanks for your coments Paula!

    If tomorrow tou meet Charlotte, please tell her that I love her jewellery a lot and it always will be with us.

    Your trip is comming soon!

    Kramkram Montserrat

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