Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Maria Cristina Bellucci

En aquesta col.lecció l’artista crea armòniques composicions cromàtiques utilitzant fragments de llapis de colors. Klimt02, The Orchid Jewelry Creation Gallery i Wearable Art Blog.

In this collection, the artist creates harmonic, chromatic compositions using fragments of colored pencils. Klimt02, The Orchid Jewelry Creation Gallery and Wearable Art Blog.

4 Responses to “Maria Cristina Bellucci”

  1. Elida Kemelman says:

    Te felicito desde la Argentina, me encantaron las piezas que seleccionaste y lo que pude entender de tus comentarios.

  2. Marchi Wierson says:

    I have seen pencils in jewelry before but this is so new and fresh looking!! Thanks for showing it. I hope its ok that I am posting in english :^[

  3. Amy says:

    Hola Montserrat! Great post! Maria’s work is so clever… of course, colorful but also tactile, love it!

    p.s. And love your blog’s fresh look, beautiful! And equally beautiful is your lovely face here at right in your new photo! :~)

  4. montserrat lacomba says:

    Gracias Elida, espero que así continue!

    Marchi: of course it’s OK your post in English! ;)

    Amy: you are always very kind with me and I’m glad because you follow my blog and enjoy it! And also you give me good ideas! Thanks! :)

    Best whishes!

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