Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Grego García Tebar

Les joies, amb el pas del temps, es van farcint de records i l’objecte adquireix així un valor sentimental que va molt més enllà de qualsevol valor material. Aquesta joiera, de qui me’n va parlar la Marta Miguel, basa els seu treball la memòria. Amaranto.

Over time, we fill the jewels with our memories, and the objects acquire
a sentimental value that ends up being more important than their material
value. Marta Miguel told me about this jeweler who bases her work
on memory. Amaranto.

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  1. paula lindblom says:


    Check Bettina Speckner out, she also work with photos from the past, but she want the one who looks at her jewelleries to build a”new” story, she have started a line and the she drop it for others, a very nice idea I think, because you can’t be with your art pieces every time they are “out” by themselves, so they have to handle that new stories begin…
    Bettina also work with “mistakes”, she says that you just can do a mistake once, and then a new opportunity for a mistake is gone… I like the thought of taking care of our mistake and also mistake in material we work with… I agree with her thoughts and it is very interesting and also very lovely pieces her doing, raw but nice…

    I was at a lecturing today when Bettina speaks about her pieces of jewellery and also very she gets her inspiration and in somehow why…
    Tomorrow she will have her opening at gallery Hnoss here in Gothenburg and I longing for to see her things live and say hallo.

    Take care and have a nice weekend!
    I have a lot of culture in booked this weekend and it’s also a stone and gems fair here in Gothenburg this weekend, so I’m culture busy the whole weekend… I will write an e-mail in the en of Sunday.

    Good night from Sweden.
    Kramkram Paula.

  2. montserrat lacomba says:

    Dear Paula,

    I love Bettina Speckner’s works, I featured her last October:
    And I know she’s in Gothenburg through your blog. Thank you very much for your reflections they enrich us.

    Have a good weekend!

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